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Amanda Bynes Net Worth – The Troubled Beauty

How much is Amanda Bynes Worth?

Amanda Bynes Net Worth

Amanda Bynes Net Worth is $6 Million (as of 2019)

Amanda Bynes was best known for her comedic abilities as a young actress and star of the Amanda show until she went off the radar. Her off-screen antics seem to have overridden her talents. In a string of bizarre behavioral incidents over the past several years, her fans are worried that her entertaining days are over. Worth over $5.74 million she has no need to return to the limelight if she chooses not to, but her fans would miss her quirky, innocent and sweet disposition.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$6 Million
Age:36 years old
Date of birth:April 3, 1986
Place of birth:Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation:actress, fashion designer
Last Updated:2023

Born Amanda Laura Bynes on April 3, 1986, in Thousand Oaks, California, her parents were an office manager and dentist. Beginning down the road to a comedic actress future, she began appearing in television shows at the young age of seven. Starting first in commercials, she soon progressed to stage productions of Annie, The Sound of Music and The Secret Garden. Her first big break was when she landed her role in All That, a Nickelodeon Improv show that allowed her to show her quick wit and funny talents. At the age of 13, the show The Amanda Show was created around her ability to take on different characters and to appeal to her young fans.

Breaking into the movies, she began with her first role in the successful movie Big Fat Liar alongside rising star Frankie Muniz. She also scored a role on a television sitcom called What I Like About You. Seemingly on her way up, she was beginning to transcend from childhood funny actress to adult star. Making that transcendence, she appeared on the cover of Maxim Magazine, becoming more than a child star, she was now being looked at as a sex symbol.

Just when fame seemed to be within her reach, she began to show signs of cracking. Getting into legal troubles and being arrested for bizarre behavior, she took a step out of the limelight announcing her retirement from acting in 2012. Saying that she wanted to follow her fashion designer career, and break into rapping, she seemed to all but disappear. Just when she seemed to be at the top of her game, her personal life began to topple in front of her audience’s eyes. Although being worth a small fortune, her troubles challenge her ability to hold onto her assets.

Unlike other stars, Bynes lives in a filthy apartment that is only furthering the notion that she may not be playing with a full deck. Much speculation abound that there may be more than just bad behavior involved. Questions about the potential of everything from drug abuse to mental illness have been raised. For those who saw her grow up on television and know how capable she is to be an excellent entertainer, it is disturbing to watch what is becoming of her. Not wanting to see her be the next tragedy, we all hope that someone will come forward to help her out and manage the train wreck that she seems to be headed for.

Is Amanda Bynes Dead or Alive?

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