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First published: 09/05/2023 - Updated on: 09/05/2023
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Andrew Schulz’s journey from a young comic at UC Santa Barbara to a multimillionaire influencer is both inspiring and intriguing. Dive into the story of how this stand-up comedian turned his laughter into lucrative ventures, and why he’s not just leaving audiences in splits, but also making waves in the world of finance and entertainment.

Estimated Andrew Schulz Net Worth

Andrew Schulz’s net worth was estimated to be in the range of $3 million to $5 million. This figure has been derived from his earnings as a stand-up comedian, podcast host, actor, and other ventures. However, it’s important to note that net worth figures can be speculative and may change over time based on new projects, investments, and other financial decisions.

While Andrew Schulz first pocketed his earnings from stand-up, his journey to a seven-figure fortune is far from a mere jest. This American comedian isn’t just known for his stand-up acts; he’s also a renowned internet figure, podcast host, actor, and producer. By 2023, his financial worth stands around $4 million. Most recognize him from MTV’s Guy Code, the Flagrant 2 podcast, and his Netflix hit, ‘Schulz Saves America.’

Beyond these, Schulz has both produced and taken the lead in multiple YouTube comedy specials. Before boasting a loyal following of 2.4 million on Instagram and 2.6 million on his YouTube channel, young Schulzy was just an 18-year-old cracking jokes at UC Santa Barbara. Off the stage and screen, Andrew delves into the realm of investments, particularly in budding startups. This strategic move has significantly bolstered his assets in recent times.

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Discover the path Andrew Schulz took to amass his fortune and why he’s deemed by many as the comedy world’s leading light.

Andrew Schulz Early Days

Andrew Schulz began his career in the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian in New York City. His unique comedic style, which often involves crowd work and off-the-cuff remarks, quickly gained him a loyal following. Schulz’s early days were marked by hustle and determination, performing at various comedy clubs and venues across the city, refining his craft, and building a name for himself in the competitive world of comedy.

Andrew Schulz Media Empire and Investments

Schulz’s media presence has grown significantly over the years. He co-hosts the popular podcast “The Brilliant Idiots” with Charlamagne tha God. Additionally, his YouTube channel, where he uploads stand-up specials, podcasts, and other content, has garnered millions of views. This digital-first approach to comedy has allowed Schulz to monetize his content directly and maintain creative control, leading to substantial earnings and a growing media empire.

Andrew Schulz might have kickstarted his fortune with stand-up comedy, but the strategy behind his seven-figure wealth is seriously impressive. It wasn’t just hard work and perseverance that filled Schulz’s coffers. He was financially astute, emphasizing the importance of saving and then channeling those savings into tangible assets.

Beyond his fame, Schulz has expanded his portfolio to include luxury vehicles, timepieces, and even his own fashion line. He’s the brain behind the clothing label “Fashun” (a playful misspelling), offering a range of merchandise from posters to hoodies. While he’s ventured into areas like a recording studio and film production, Schulz remains tight-lipped about the specifics of these endeavors. Among his prized possessions are a Californian residence, a Manhattan flat, and a podcasting studio in the heart of New York.

Business Ventures

Beyond comedy and media, Schulz has dabbled in various business ventures. From merchandise sales related to his brand and podcast to live show tours, he has diversified his income streams. While specific details about all his business ventures might not be publicly disclosed, it’s evident that Schulz is not just a comedian but also a savvy entrepreneur.

Andrew Schulz Collaborations

Throughout his career, Andrew Schulz has collaborated with numerous artists, comedians, and media personalities. His partnership with Charlamagne tha God on “The Brilliant Idiots” podcast is one of the most notable. Additionally, he has appeared on MTV2’s “Guy Code” and has worked with other comedians and influencers, expanding his reach and influence in the entertainment industry.

Real Estate Portfolio

While the specifics of Andrew Schulz’s real estate holdings are not widely publicized, it’s common for celebrities of his stature to invest in property. Real estate can be a lucrative investment, offering both rental income and potential appreciation in value. Given Schulz’s entrepreneurial spirit, it wouldn’t be surprising if he has made strategic real estate investments over the years.

Stocks and Crypto

There’s no public record of Schulz’s investments in stocks or cryptocurrencies. However, given the rise of crypto and its popularity among celebrities and the general public, it’s possible that he has explored these investment avenues. Investing in stocks and crypto can offer significant returns, but they also come with their own set of risks.


Andrew Schulz, like many celebrities, has used his platform to support various charitable causes. While the specifics of his philanthropic endeavors might not be widely documented, it’s not uncommon for individuals in his position to give back to the community, support charitable organizations, or even start their own foundations.

Looking Ahead

The future looks bright for Andrew Schulz. With his growing media empire, business ventures, and continuous innovation in the world of comedy, Schulz is poised to further increase his net worth and influence in the entertainment industry. Fans and financial analysts alike will be keen to see where his entrepreneurial spirit takes him next.

Andrew Schulz Bio

Andrew Schulz is a New York-based stand-up comedian known for his unique comedic style and sharp wit. Born on October 30, 1987, in New York City, Schulz has risen through the ranks of the comedy world to become one of the most recognized names in the industry. Apart from comedy, he’s a successful podcaster, actor, and entrepreneur. With a career spanning over a decade, Schulz’s influence and impact on the world of comedy and entertainment are undeniable.

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