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Charlie Sheen Net Worth

Charlie Sheen Net Worth is $10 Million (as of 2019)

Well, we are sure that you could all name a few ways that Charlie Sheen has spent his money, but we bet most of you are interested to learn more about how he makes the money he has no problems shelling out on things that are considered to be bad for him!

Quick facts

Net Worth:$10 Million
Age:57 years old
Date of birth:September 3, 1965
Place of birth:New York City, New York, U.S.
Occupation: actor
Last Updated:2023

He’s a film and TV actor usually, when he’s not kicking up a media frenzy. Most people will probably know him more for his part in ‘Two And A Half Men’ which we all laughed along to. His shocking exit from this show, plus the very public meltdown that followed it, should have been the end of his career… but somehow, Charlie managed to pull it back.

Charlie Irwin Estevez, better known as Charlie Sheen, has apparently bagged himself a net worth of around $125 million. When you consider that he played in his first film at the very young age of 9, mainly because his father is the well known actor Martin Sheen, you can understand how he has racked up quite an impressive net worth.

He was said to have been earning $1.25 million per EPISODE of ‘Two And A Half Men’ which made him one of the highest paid TV actors ever known. He needs that sort of money to pay for his three marriages, and the five children that followed them…

He took a gamble with the comeback show ‘Anger Management’, but it would seem that the gamble has paid off. The show meant that he would be taking a pay cut from his shocking firing of “Two And A Half Men’, but if he made it to 100 episodes without any problems (given his track history), he would qualify for a syndicate payout of around $200 million. Could it be that Charlie Sheen is about to get a whole load richer?

Of course, when you look back through his film history, you can see where his millions have piled up. The first ever PG-13 rated movie, ‘Red Dawn’, bagged him a great career in film, and when ‘Platoon’ followed and made around $138 million domestically, you can see where it all comes from. This guy is very good at what he does. In fact, he is almost as good as making money as he is at spending it… and we all know how much he loves to spend!

Of course, the media frenzy surrounding his exit from ‘Two And A Half Men’, it took a while before any endorsement deals would come back in, but one of the first that he was offered, and said to be worth a reported $3 million, was Just Chill, a product designed to help relieve stress. He also signed up to that work through paid tweets – a company that Kim Kardashian also uses. You can be offered anywhere from five grand to $25,000 for a single Tweet or Facebook update promoting these brands, so you can see how he would have earned a fair bit here too. Everyone was waiting with bated breath to see what Charlie Sheen had to say after the public meltdown, and his voice mattered it would seem. From this angle it almost looks as though Charlie Sheen was worth more at his worst moment than he was at his best…

Lets just put it this way – with $10 million net worth Charlie Sheen is doing alright, regardless of his personal situation!

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