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Denzel Washington Net Worth: Years of Working Paid Off

How much is Denzel Washington Worth?

Denzel Washington Net Worth

Denzel Washington Net Worth is $220 Million (as of 2019)

Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr., born on December 28, 1954, in Mount Vernon, New York, is one of the most critically acclaimed actors of his generation, as well as those that came before. He has taken on roles that no one else could, and done so with a talent that is immeasurable. Winning two Golden Globes, Two Academy Awards, and a Tony Award, are only some of his many accomplishments. Not just an actor, he has become an icon. The son of a Reverend, who worked at the local department store and Water Department to make enough money to support his family, he is a rags to riches story.

Denzel Washington's Salary: $60 Million

Quick facts

Net Worth:$220 Million
Age:68 years old
Date of birth:December 28, 1954
Place of birth:Mount Vernon, New York, U.S.
Occupation:actor, filmmaker
Last Updated:2023

When his parents divorced in 1968 he was just 14. Washington was sent off to the Oakland Military Academy. Admitting that it was a very turbulent time, he insists that it was the turning point in his life. Beginning to hang out with the wrong crowd, and head down the wrong road, the military academy was the thing that he believes changed his life and saved him from the streets. The military academy led him down a very different path. Going on to college and playing collegiate basketball, when he was unable to decide a major, he took some time from school. It was then that he worked as a creative art director at a summer camp. He had finally found something that just felt right. He returned to Fordham to study acting.

Performing in plays, and small parts on stage, his big break came when he received the role of Dr. Phillip Chandler on NBC’s St. Elsewhere. During his six years on the show, he quickly became a household name. While involved in the television drama, he appeared in other television roles, stage roles, and small movie parts. The 1990s is when he made the transition to the big screen. Playing in critically acclaimed movies such as Mo’Better Blues, Mississippi Masala and Malcolm X, his career was taking a new turn. He began moving from television star to silver screen leading man.

He married his wife Pauletta Pearson in 1983, and they have four children. His estimated net worth is over $190 million dollars, which makes him one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Taking on various roles over the years, he is consistently working, taking on challenging roles and ones outside of his comfort zone. Although not quite on the A-List, he is still earning an estimated $20 million dollars per film. You don’t hear much about his personal life because he likes to keep that private. Not a star that is known for the club scene, or his antics, he is quiet and humble.

Outside of his acting career, he seems to keep to himself. No business ventures on record, although he must be managing his money well. The only thing that the public knows about his wealth is that he is a generous man, donating a sizable amount to various organizations. Believing in giving back, and appreciating his roots and how hard his parents worked, he feels an obligation to help give a leg up to those in need.

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