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Derek Jeter Net Worth and Success Secret from His Parents

How much is Derek Jeter Worth?

Derek Jeter Net Worth

Derek Jeter Net Worth is $185 Million (as of 2019)

Derek Sanderson Jeter was born June 26, 1974, in Paquannock Township, New Jersey. A shortstop who is credited with a whopping 20 seasons in the MLB playing for the New York Yankees, he is one of the most famous and endeared players of all time. Born to an accountant and a substance abuse councilor, he grew up in a family that believed in strict behavior and consequences. Having to sign a contract of behavior every year, there was not much lei way to be anything but successful. Not being able to use the word “can’t”, literally, it was no surprise when he set the goal of making it the MLB.

Derek Jeter's Salary: $30 Million

Quick facts

Net Worth:$185 Million
Age:48 years old
Date of birth:June 26, 1974
Place of birth:Pequannock Township, New Jersey, U.S.
Occupation:professional baseball player
Last Updated:2023

A baseball and basketball player in high school, he was one of the most amazing players the high school had ever seen. All-State winner he won the Player of the Year award and was awarded the recognition of USA Today’s High School Player of the Year in 1992. Being so famous in his hometown, they renamed the field after Jeter in 2011 to honor his accomplishments. High school just being the stepping stone, he was offered a scholarship to play for the Michigan Wolverines. Being a star on the field in college as he was in high school the Houston Astros scouted him for the 1992 MLB Draft. Afraid that he would ask for too much money to give up his scholarship, the Astros ended up passing on him.

He was drafted by the Yankees in 1992 and made his big debut in 1995. Being as successful as he had always been, he was named the Rookie of the year, helping the team to achieve the 1996 World Series win. Winning many more awards in years to come, he has been named the Most Valuable Player, All-Star Game MVP, Team Captain, and World Series MVP. It seemed as if the accolades just kept coming. Being famous, not just with the Yankees, there wasn’t a baseball fan that didn’t have respect for him as a player.

Earning the nickname of “Mr. November” and “Captain Clutch” for his performance on the ball field, he is also a squeaky clean player at a time in history when sports heroes have more antics off the field sometimes as on. He is reportedly worth $185 million, with an annual salary of $30-$35 million. Although never marrying, he has been rumored with many A-Listers and maintains his prominence as one of the most eligible bachelors. Insisting that he is set to retire after this season, that remains to be seen. Still playing as well as he ever has, there seems to be no stopping him. He has many endorsements under his belt to fall back on with companies such as Discover Card, VISA, XM Satellite, Nike, Fleet Bank and Gatorade using his fame. After over 30 years in the field, he is still one of the most profitable players of all time. Having homes in New Jersey, New York, Tampa, and a penthouse in Trump World Tower, he has no shortages of places to retire.

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Is Derek Jeter Dead or Alive?

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