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DMX Net Worth

DMX Net Worth is $-10 Million (as of 2019)

DMX, born Earl Simmons, is also known by the name Dark Man X to his many hip hop fans. Not just a rapper, he has proven himself to be a very talented actor as well. Born December 18, 1970, he has come a long way from his humble roots in Yonkers, New York. Having a successful music career is only second to his film career. Recently he has writer to add to his list of talents, publishing his memoirs entitled E.A.R.L: The Autobiography of DMX. His lifetime achievement to date boasts selling over 30 million records around the world, but there is so much more to this magnificent rapper than meets the eye. He is touted as the best-selling artist in the hip hop world of all time, with reason, and it isn’t just about his record sales.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$-10 Million
Age:52 years old
Date of birth:December 18, 1970
Place of birth:Mount Vernon, New York, U.S.
Occupation:rapper, actor
Last Updated:2023

To prove that the American Dream is alive and well, all you have to do, is take a look at DMX. Growing up in the 70s, he came from an abusive childhood that led to numerous group homes and circumstances that he doesn’t like to speak of. Having a background that he is less than boastful of, music is the thing that changed his entire life and put him on the path to stardom. Starting as a lowly beatboxer in the year 1991, his talent and uniqueness was so rare that immediately he had those in the music world sit up and take notice.

Columbia Records was the first to recognize his talent and to release his debut single “Born Loser”. It was not a sensational hit. Not until he began hooking-up with the big names of Jay-Z, Mic Geronimo, and Ja Rule did he really make a name for himself in the hip hop world. Over the next two decades, he would have one record released followed by another, all instant hits. Having the Midas touch, it seems that everything, he puts out, enjoys the same following. More consistent than other acts who have one album followed by a chain of lackluster, there is a reason he is the number one selling artist in hip hop.

To add to his list of musical accolades is his talent as an actor. Taking on very serious roles, he has been in hits such as Romeo Must Die and Exit Wounds. Because of the tumultuous nature of his persona, he was approached to host his own reality series DMX: Soul of a Man that was shown on the BET network.

His offstage life has not gone as golden as his onstage. A series of troublesome incidents line the years. Trouble with the law has followed him all the way while his star was rising and well beyond. The bad boy of hip hop, he can’t seem to keep his nose out of trouble. Living fast and furious seems to be the only way that he knows how to live. Is he going to settle down anytime soon? Not many in the music world believe so. It is a part of who he is. Perhaps it is his troublesome nature which resonates in the hearts of his millions of fans.

DMX is deeply in debt. According to some sources he owns $10 million to various creditors and mind-blowing $1.24 million for child support (he is said to have twelve children).

Is DMX Dead or Alive?

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