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Garth Brooks Net Worth: Country Music Champion

How much is Garth Brooks Worth?

Garth Brooks Net Worth

Garth Brooks Net Worth is $330 Million (as of 2019)

Troyal Garth Brooks born February 7, 1962, and has revolutionized the world of Pop culture’s country singing. Bringing it mainstream, he did for country music what no one has able to before, or may ever be able to again. Modernizing the old twang of the heart sick mutterings of country music stars, he sets the stage afire with enthusiasm and a beat that was all his own. This unassuming star with small beginnings was born in Tulsa Oklahoma. He bridged the Country and Rock world, combining the two to create a whole new era for both genres. Not just a talented musician, he is also one of the most acclaimed and revered singer/songwriters of the twentieth century.

Garth Brooks' Salary: $90 Million Per Year

Quick facts

Net Worth:$330 Million
Age:60 years old
Date of birth:February 7, 1962
Place of birth:Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S
Occupation:singer, songwriter
Last Updated:2023

Brooks was no stranger to the country music world. His mother had her own stint as a country singer. His mother, Colleen McElroy Carroll created her own record in the 1950s. She taught him the love of music, and he learned early how to play not only the banjo, but the guitar as well. Singing was a huge part of the family life but was second to Brooks throughout his school career. An excellent athlete, he was the star on the football field, baseball diamond and broke all sorts of track and field records. His athletic prowess is what led to his scholarship to Oklahoma State University in track.

After graduating with a degree in advertising, Brooks returned to his roots and set out to make a career in music. Starting small, he began playing in local bars and clubs around the Oklahoma area. Unlike other stars who are discovered on by accident, the discovering Garth Brooks was no accident. Rob Phelps, an entertainment lawyer, sought him out driving from Dallas to see one of Brooks’s late night shows. Not letting the opportunity pass him by, he afforded Brooks the contacts he would need to start down the path to fame, along with credit cards to support the journey there.

The turning point for Brooks was the release of his first album in 1989, it made a splash of such a grand scale, no one could have anticipated the success that it gained. Hitting the Billboards on both the country and the pop charts, he achieved what no other country singer had done in the past with his first start out the gate. It wasn’t just about his music; it was the total package that Garth Brooks sold to his audience and enduring fans. He wasn’t the country singer who sat and sang about woes, he was an uplifting, boot kicking energetic guy who engaged the audience and brought to country music something new and refreshing.

After a decade of rolling out song after song and hit after hit, Brooks announced that he was officially going to retire from the music business in the year 2004. Citing that he wanted to get out of the limelight and live a less public life, he told his adoring fans “farewell”. In the years since several compilation albums have been followed up by crowd pleasing performances. Although wanting to take a break, Garth could never seem to leave the microphone or the stage behind. In 2013, he decided to do what he does best and re-enter the music world playing in Nashville, Las Vegas and where his heart lies, Oklahoma. Loving family and home that is where his amazing journey began and he has never forgotten that.

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Is Garth Brooks Dead or Alive?

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