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George Clooney Net Worth and His Humble Beginnings

How much is George Clooney Worth?

George Clooney Net Worth

George Clooney Net Worth is $500 Million (as of 2019)

Many hearts broke this year as the world’s most eligible bachelor took himself off the singles’ market. George Clooney promised female audiences around the world that he never had any intention of getting married. What we all suspected is that these promises are only valid until someone special crosses his road. Not just a pretty face, Clooney has, over his career, been an actor, a producer, a writer and a director. Starting small and growing to heights that even he probably never dreamed of, Clooney is one of the biggest names that Hollywood and television have ever had pass-through.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$500 Million
Age:61 years old
Date of birth:May 6, 1961
Place of birth:Lexington, Kentucky, U.S.
Occupation:actor, film director, producer, writer, activist
Last Updated:2023

The son of an anchorman and game show host and the nephew of the famed Rosemary Clooney, there is no shortage of “royal lineage” in the Clooney family. Although coming from famous kindred, in his early years, his ambition was not to make it big as an actor. Being a pretty good athlete, he had his heart set on playing professional baseball. After trying out with the Cincinnati Reds in 1977 and not making the cut, he set his eyes on a different goal. Born with a face made for television, literally, when he developed Bell’s palsy his first year of high school, it made a real impression on him. Not permanent, it left the side of his face paralyzed for almost nine months. After Graduating, he did what he could to make money. Nothing was deeming, or below him, paying his dues, he took off hand jobs where he could.

A known activist, he set a course for Broadcast Journalism, presumably to carry on the Clooney name. Not completing his college degree, he left college and went to work trying to do what he could to make a makeshift living. Selling insurance, working construction and stocking shelves are his humble beginnings and a far cry from where he is now. During the 80s, while making ends meet, he started working in television. Getting short roles here and there, he was the standby on many famous and popular television shows, but always as some inconsequential character.

The turning point of his career was when he landed a role on ER. Becoming an overnight heartthrob, the fame was instantaneous and catapulted him to the top list for television actors. Leaving the show in 1999, he decided to pursue other avenues. While working on the set, he began to make a name as a leading man in Hollywood, scoring some major leading character roles and becoming a household name.

For the past couple of years, Clooney has begun to follow different passions. He is a co-chair for the Creative Artists Agency and has become an acclaimed producer winning awards for the production of Argo. Joining other A-Listers, he has many humanitarian connections such as The Not On Our Watch Project. Trying his hand at politics, he has taken on some pretty hot button issues and voiced his opinion without reservation. Being a champion for the underdog, he takes up causes to defend the least among us. One of the highest paid actors in Hollywood he owns a 7,354-square-foot home in the Lake Como area. Last year, in 2014, Clooney purchased The Mill House located on the River Thames at Sonning Eye where his wife is from in England. What is next for this megastar is unclear. What is clear is that whatever he sets his mind to, he gets done. Who knows what his next cause will be, you can be assured it will be something big and successful.

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