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Gucci Mane Net Worth, Spending Habits and Legal Issues

How much is Gucci Mane Worth?

Gucci Mane Net Worth

Gucci Mane Net Worth is $12 Million (as of 2019)

Gucci Mane was once said to have estimated net worth of $15 million but the latest estimate is much more modest and stands at around $500,000 which comparing to the previous estimation gives an impression that Gucci Mane has been through a lot of trouble lately.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$12 Million
Age:43 years old
Date of birth:February 12, 1980
Place of birth:Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.
Occupation: rapper
Last Updated:2023

It is hard to tell what were the major contributors to his money troubles, although “money troubles” may be inappropriate term to use for someone whose net worth is still half a million dollars. Apparently there were people who were more than willing to share Gucci Mane’s money, according to his own account anyway. In November 2013 the rapper filed a lawsuit against his former manager Debra Antney and her son Waka Flocka Flame who is also a fellow rapper, OJ Da Juiceman, rapper Khia Stone and producer Zaytoven. In this lawsuit Mane accuses them in fraud, racketeering and breach of contract, which resulted not only in loss of money but also in severe tax problems. The lawsuit could possibly seek millions.

Gucci Mane has a long history of legal troubles, including cocaine charges. It would take too long to describe all charges he ever faced and sentences he has been given, but some of his latest charges include hitting a fan with a bottle in the head and punching another fan in the face. He is currently in prison for firearm possession and will probably stay there until 2016.

To make matters worse, Gucci is a big spender. During his better (financially) days, Mane sported a diamond necklace that, according to him, costed $250,000, car collection that included super car Ferrari 458 Italia and had all of his teeth encased in solid gold fronts only to remove it a few years later.

Mane wrote poetry as a child and began rapping at the age of 14. His first album was distributed on the streets and some record deals followed shortly after. In 2009-2010 Mane enjoyed a lot of success and his second album was released under under the label Warner Bros. Records, which is the third-largest of the three major international music conglomerates.

It is probably safe to suggest that Gucci Mane wouldn’t have been where he is today if not his weird behavior and constant problems with the law. What future will bring? This remains to be seen.

Is Gucci Mane Dead or Alive?

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