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Jerry Jones Net Worth: Dallas Cowboys Billionaire

How much is Jerry Jones Worth?

Jerry Jones Net Worth

Jerry Jones Net Worth is $6.8 Billion (as of 2019)

Jerry Jones is a businessman with a persona so big that he has become a celebrity. Owner, general manager and president of the Dallas Cowboys, he runs the whole show. Born Jerral Wayne Jones October 13, 1942, in Los Angeles, California, he was a born athlete. The star for his alma mater North Little Rock High School, he went on to attend college at the University of Arkansas. He played offensive end lineman for Frank Boyles who is known as one of the best coaches of all times, and played alongside Jimmy Johnson, future coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$6.8 Billion
Age:80 years old
Date of birth:October 13, 1942
Place of birth:Los Angeles, California, US
Occupation:businessman; owner, president and general manager of Dallas Cowboys
Last Updated:2023

Leaving the football field for a while, when he graduated from college, he went to work as an executive VP at Modern Security Life of Springfield, Missouri, which was owned by his father. In 1970, not resting on the merits of being the owner’s son, he completed his Master’s degree. Passing up returning to football as the owner of the Chargers and many other failed business ventures, he got involved in gas and oil exploration in Arkansas. Going to work with Jones Oil and Land and Lease, was the first step to multi-billions.

In 1989, he purchased the Cowboys for $140 million and promptly fired the coach bringing Jimmy Johnson on board. Not liking the way that the club was run, he quickly fired the general manager and took over operations himself. Three short years later the Cowboys were on top winning two Superbowl’s in 1992 and 1993. Soon after the victories, even his long time school mate was not safe; he let Jimmy Johnson go and replaced him with Barry Switzer in 1994.

Not known as a very likable character, he has been on Sports Illustrated Least Liked Personality list. Whether it was because he ousted Landry when taking over the team or because he turned his back on Jimmy Johnson is not clear. Common sense is that if he did those things, he has surely done much worse on his rise to the top. Appearing not to filter his comments, he has been fined by the NFL for saying inappropriate things.

For a guy who was one of the most successful athletes of his generation of NFL greats, Jones took the path that led him to more riches than he could have ever dreamed of out on any football team. Whether it was out of sheer luck that he was in the right place, at the right time or he was just that smart, is unclear. Being worth more than $6.8 billion, what is clear is that he certainly has enough money to last ten lifetimes. His personal life may not be as stellar, and neither is his reputation among football fans. His biggest downfall is not learning to keep his mouth shut, not for a gag order and not for the camera. With the amount of money that he makes, he can afford the fines. One of the most involved owners in the NFL, love him or hate him, he has made the Cowboys one of the most successful franchises of all time.

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