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First published: 07/04/2023 - Updated on: 07/04/2023
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KSI is the dynamic British YouTube sensation, rapper, and entrepreneur. This article sheds light on his financial journey, his rivalry with Logan Paul, his media empire, business ventures, collaborations, real estate portfolio, stocks and crypto investments, philanthropic activities, and what the future holds for him. With an estimated net worth of $25 million, KSI’s journey showcases how diversified talents and strategic investments can generate immense wealth.

Estimated KSI Net Worth

As of 2023, KSI (born Olajide Olatunji), the renowned British YouTuber, rapper, and boxer, is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $20 million. This significant figure stems from his diverse portfolio which includes revenue from his YouTube channels, music sales, boxing fights, endorsements, and various investments. KSI’s diverse ventures have allowed him to tap into multiple revenue streams, proving the versatility of digital content creators and entertainers in the 21st century.

The rise in KSI’s net worth is closely related to his adaptive nature and an uncanny ability to take advantage of different platforms. It’s interesting to see how his journey, which started with video game content creation on YouTube, has led to him becoming one of the most prominent figures in the entertainment industry. He’s a prime example of how online content creators can pivot into mainstream success and create a multi-million dollar brand.

KSI and Logan Paul History

KSI’s monetary growth was given a significant boost with his high-profile boxing matches against American YouTuber Logan Paul. The duo first met in the ring in 2018 for an amateur boxing match, which ended in a draw and generated an estimated £8.5 million from Pay-Per-View revenues alone. They returned to the ring for a professional rematch in 2019, which KSI won, adding another substantial sum to his net worth.

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Beyond the physical confrontation, these boxing matches were monumental social media events, leveraging the vast audiences of both YouTubers. They further increased KSI’s global recognition and expanded his appeal outside of his traditional fanbase. Moreover, the boxing matches opened up new opportunities, including collaborations, endorsements, and business ventures, that added to KSI’s increasing wealth.

KSI Media Empire and Investments

A pivotal part of KSI’s success comes from his multi-faceted media empire. Besides his successful YouTube channel, which boasts over 20 million subscribers, he’s established himself as a successful musician, with several songs charting in the UK and globally. His music career has added a significant revenue stream, with money generated from album sales, streaming, and live performances.

KSI has also made several smart investments over the years, including an ownership stake in the esports team FaZe Clan. Additionally, he’s invested in tech startups, diversified his portfolio with real estate purchases, and explored the world of cryptocurrencies. These ventures have significantly contributed to his net worth and laid the groundwork for long-term financial stability.

Business Ventures

Aside from his media pursuits and investments, KSI has also embarked on various business ventures. These include his own clothing line, known as Moki, which capitalizes on his immense online popularity. He also ventured into the world of mobile applications, launching a game called ‘BoxTuber’ that combines boxing and YouTube personalities, further expanding his entrepreneurial reach.

KSI’s business ventures don’t end there. In 2020, he co-founded a company called Prime Hydration, a sports drink brand that provides athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a healthier alternative to traditional sports drinks. These ventures demonstrate KSI’s business acumen, his ability to identify market trends, and capitalize on his personal brand’s influence.

KSI Collaborations

KSI’s collaborations span across music, YouTube content, and endorsements, which have not only expanded his reach but also significantly added to his net worth. On the music front, KSI has collaborated with renowned artists like Craig David, Anne-Marie, and Lil Wayne, leading to successful tracks that charted worldwide.

Moreover, he’s been involved in endorsement deals with notable brands like Puma, JD Sports, and even featured in advertisements for YouTube itself. These endorsements and collaborations showcase the immense influence KSI has managed to cultivate and how it can be monetized effectively.

Real Estate Portfolio

Over the years, KSI has invested heavily in real estate, adding to his robust financial portfolio. One of his most notable properties is a luxurious mansion in the UK, worth several million dollars. He’s also reportedly purchased properties as investment opportunities, showing a keen understanding of asset diversification.

His real estate investments are not just limited to the UK. Reports suggest that he owns properties in other parts of the world as well. This global real estate portfolio represents a substantial part of his wealth and demonstrates his strategic thinking when it comes to investing.

Stocks and Crypto

Like many celebrities of his generation, KSI has shown interest in the stock market and cryptocurrencies. While specific details of his stock portfolio are not publicly available, it’s known that he has invested in some tech stocks, further diversifying his income sources.

KSI’s foray into the world of cryptocurrencies is a sign of his willingness to embrace new financial trends. He’s vocal about his involvement in crypto and is a known supporter of Bitcoin. These investments provide a potentially high-reward avenue for wealth accumulation, albeit with inherent risks.


Beyond his business ventures and wealth creation, KSI has shown a strong commitment to giving back. He’s participated in numerous charity events and made significant donations to causes like mental health awareness, cancer research, and children’s charities. His philanthropic efforts extend to supporting small content creators on YouTube, fostering a sense of community in the digital space.

These actions showcase a different side of KSI – a side that understands the importance of using his platform for positive change. It’s clear that he appreciates the impact he can have and is eager to help those less fortunate, thus making him a well-rounded personality in the public eye.

Looking Ahead

Looking forward, KSI is well-positioned to continue expanding his wealth and influence. With plans to release more music, participate in future boxing matches, and possibly venture into acting, KSI shows no signs of slowing down. His adaptable nature and ability to capitalize on trends suggest that his net worth will continue to grow in the coming years.

Moreover, as digital media continues to evolve, KSI will undoubtedly remain at the forefront, leveraging new platforms and technologies to further his career and financial success. Indeed, his story serves as a blueprint for digital creators worldwide, demonstrating the possibilities that arise from being innovative, adaptable, and business-minded.


KSI, born Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji on June 19, 1993, hails from Watford, Hertfordshire, England, with a familial background stretching from London to Nigeria, thanks to his parents Yinka and Jide. His YouTube career runs in the family, with his younger brother Deji also being a prominent content creator. The brothers bagged the top two spots on Tubular Labs’ “UK’s Most Influential YouTube Creators” list in 2015. KSI’s early life was spent at Berkhamsted School where he became friends with Simon Minter, a fellow member of their YouTube group, the Sidemen. In a public spat in 2018, KSI expressed displeasure when Deji released a video revealing his personal bank records, stating that he was disappointed with his family’s lack of privacy.

KSI exhibits a strong passion for philanthropy, participating in numerous charity programs such as “Comic Relief,” “Stand Up To Cancer,” “Children in Need,” and “Sport Relief.” In 2015, he generously donated $10,000 to Castro1021’s charity stream and participated in the Race Against Slime event to fundraise for SpecialEffect, a UK charity that assists people with physical disabilities in enjoying video games. Along with the Sidemen, KSI organized three charity football events from 2016 to 2018, raising almost £400,000 for charities including Childline, the Saint’s Foundation, and the Charlton Athletic Community Trust. In 2020, KSI gave $60,000 to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and other organizations supporting black communities, besides donating clothes to the Seaview Project. That same year, he joined “The Independent’s” Help the Hungry campaign, the “Evening Standard’s” Food for London Now campaign, and performed on the charity single “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” for Children in Need. A year later, he donated £10,000 to Comic Relief during BBC Radio 1’s “Lol-a-thon.”

An avid fan of Arsenal F.C., KSI has made appearances on AFTV, a channel dedicated to the club’s enthusiasts. However, his career hasn’t been without controversy. In 2012, he faced accusations of sexual harassment and assault involving spokesmodel Brandy Brewer at a Eurogamer event, resulting in a ban from future events, despite Brewer later stating that she had consented to KSI’s actions. On the brighter side, KSI’s work has earned him several accolades, including the Diamond Creator Award at the YouTube Creator Awards in 2016, the Vlogger of the Year title at the NME Awards, and the Best Song Award for “Lighter” at the 2020 Amazon Music UK Awards, which also led to a BRIT Award nomination for Best British Single. Other acknowledgements include nominations for Best in Gaming at the 2012 Shorty Awards, YouTuber of the Year in 2017, and Best YouTube Ensemble (with the Sidemen) in 2019. His book, “Sidemen: The Book,” was shortlisted for Non-Fiction: Lifestyle Book of the Year at the 2017 British Book Awards. His contributions to vlogging earned him a nomination at BBC Radio 1’s Teen Choice Awards that same year. KSI has also been nominated for awards by the Global Awards, MTV Awards, MOBO Awards, and TMTV Awards. He took home the “Personality of the Year” award at the Rated Awards in 2022.

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