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Lady Gaga Net Worth – The Brand of Wackiness

How much is Lady Gaga Worth?

Lady Gaga Net Worth

Lady Gaga Net Worth is $300 Million (as of 2019)

To be fair, we aren’t sure if Lady Gaga actually know’s what she does for a living, she has her fingers in that many pies. A social butterfly and media maniac, the crazily dressed, always-shocking, beautiful starlet has a string of successes under her belt with her music career, sell-out concerts, mystical perfumes and brilliant brand of social media marketing, it’s no wonder that was rated as #2 on Forbes ‘Rich List’ for 2014.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$300 Million
Age:37 years old
Date of birth:March 28, 1986
Place of birth:New York City, New York, U. S.
Occupation:singer, songwriter, fashion designer, businesswoman, record producer, actress
Last Updated:2023

She calls herself a musician and a philanthropist; it doesn’t really matter what you call yourself when you can say that you are worth over $300 million, does it?

According to reports, if Lady Gaga, also known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, hadn’t gone for the hip surgery that was caused by the crazy and beautiful dancing she does during her shoes and videos, the tour itself probably would have grossed over $200 million. Then again, when you have over 58 million Facebook fans and almost 40 million Twitter fans, it’s clear that she’s a brand very much in fashion.

She’s a lot of things these days. Although she is better known for her musical career, she has a number of other job titles proudly on her resume. She’s a songwriter as well as a singer and artist, and as we’ve already mentioned, she’s got her perfume range ‘Fame’ earning her a small fortune seeing as it’s a pretty big seller. She owns a few businesses, produces records, acts, and even has a fashion designer thing going on. It would appear that, for Lady Gaga, there is no such thing as having your finger in too many pies. This would be why she was number two on that Forbes list, right?

There’s the merchandise from her concerts that helps to add to her bank balance. The official stuff – t-shirts, headwear, posters, costumes, music, jewelry and more is sold by Bravado. Plus there’s the endorsement with MAC makeup (which we love), her joining with Polaroid, meeting up with Beats by Dr Dre for her own personalized range of headphones that go in your ears, and who knows what more could come in the future? She has a new hip now, and she’s raring to go! And let’s face it; none of us really know what outfit she’ll be coming out in next, or what weird and wonderful company she’ll be joining hands with. One thing is for sure – it’ll probably shock and amaze!

She’s known as an icon to young girls all over the world, so it’s no wonder that companies are literally climbing over themselves to get to this starlet. It looks like only a sneaky few manage to get their way through when you consider how long Lady Gaga has been in the public eye, and how few things she has actually publicly endorsed, choosing to prefer her own personal brand of wackiness over everything else. It works for her clearly; she’s as rich as she is for a reason!

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Is Lady Gaga Dead or Alive?

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