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Mac Miller Net Worth – Something About This Kid

How much is Mac Miller Worth?

Mac Miller Net Worth

Mac Miller Net Worth is $9 Million (as of 2019)

We’ve already talked about Drake who promised himself to make $25 million by the time he was 25 years old and now another young and fearless millionaire – Mac Miller! When you consider the fact that Mac Miller is only 22 years old, he definitely hasn’t done too bad for himself. This Pittsburgh-born actor, TV producer, record producer and rapper is now said to be worth a pretty impressive $9 million, but it wasn’t all of his own back…

Quick facts

Net Worth:$9 Million
Age:31 years old
Date of birth:January 19, 1992
Place of birth:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Occupation:rapper and producer
Last Updated:2023

He was once part of the rap group III Spoken, but in 2011, he make the decision to go it alone and was signed with the record label Rostrum Records. After releasing a first album that sold around four hundred thousand, it was his close friendship with another pretty famous rapper, Wiz Khalifa, that helped him see the big-time. By releasing records and albums through independent labels, they were able to bag more of the profits than what they would have done otherwise, and they made full use of this after giving iTunes 25% of what they made. This worked out to be a great business tactic taken by the guys, and could be one that helps them make even more money still. They kept a lot more of their earnings and were therefore able to pour money back into their music ventures…

Two albums later and Mac Miller is still laughing. There have been four tours, one of which was with Wiz Khalifa, and they have all been incredibly successful. It would seem that not even a couple of troublesome stories in the media can stop him! (The case was settled but it was said that the rappers spent a night in the cells after a marijuana possession charge.)

Of course, the recent spat with Donald Trump, the international businessman, in 2013 hasn’t hurt his media presence, which has therefore boosted his record sales. With a threatened lawsuit, it was said that Trump had never given Miller permission to use his name for the song ‘Donald Trump’ despite praising him for the song back in 2011.

And ultimately this:

It’s not the first time Mac Miller has been in trouble for a similar issue either – Lord Finesse sued supposedly for copyright infringement, and Miller had to pay $10 million, it was reported.

There are more tours said to be on the way that are more than likely going to increase his current net worth of $6 million, and although there are no endorsement deals on the cards, it won’t be long before those deals start pouring in, we are sure. It would seem that the early career decision to work independently from big record labels has worked very well for Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa… If they keep up with the smart business sense, it won’t be long before they double their earnings, and potentially more!

But wait, who is the richest rapper in the world?

Is Mac Miller Dead or Alive?

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