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Macaulay Culkin Net Worth – How Rich Is “Home Alone” Hero?

How much is Macaulay Culkin Worth?

Macaulay Culkin Net Worth

Macaulay Culkin Net Worth is $15 Million (as of 2019)

Macaulay Culkin is a child actor who America watched grow up on the big screen, literally. Born August 26, 1980, in Manhattan, he is one of the most successful childhood actors of all time. Having a string of movies that spanned a decade, he began his acting career at the young age of just four years old. His first roles were mostly stage productions, but he soon expanded into television and film roles. His big break came when most kids are more interested in watching Saturday morning cartoons, cast into the role of Kevin in Home Alone; he instantly became an international movie star. That one role led to multiple roles with John Hughes making him one of the most sought after actors on film. In the 80s, John Hughes the writer and director, turned anything he produced into gold.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$15 Million
Age:42 years old
Date of birth:August 26, 1980
Place of birth:Manhattan, New York, U.S.
Occupation:actor, musician
Last Updated:2023

A string of poorly reviewed movies in the 1990s convinced Macaulay that it was time to take a break. After disappearing from the limelight for several years, he returned in 2000 to take part in Madame Melville, an onstage production in London. Switching gears, he did guest appearances in hit sitcoms such as Will & Grace. Not returning to the big screen until 2003, he tried his hand in various roles, but was not able to achieve the same following that he had in his younger years. What followed was many unsuccessful roles and appearances.

His late teens, his behavior began to show signs that he was struggling with losing fame, family, and legal issues. In interviews, Culkin made public that he had not had a wonderful family life, admitting that he was estranged from his father. Set to marry against the advice of those in his life, in 1998, at the young age of 18, he married Rachel Miner. The marriage did not last, and they subsequently divorced in 2002.

The cause of his familial fallout revolved around the money earned while he was a minor. It was supposed to be set aside, but allegedly his father used a good bit of it. His other income consists of endorsements from the likes of Covergirl and the “Fat Culkin Burger” restaurant chain. There is also a brand of Vodka that bears the Culkin name and he has a perfume named With Love From Macaulay. Fashion is a passion that not many people know of, which is why he also has a fashion line named “Macaulay Culkin Seduction”.

Having enough money to not have to worry about working, he is reportedly worth $15 million. His desire to return to the entertainment industry comes, not from the need for wealth, but approval. It has not been an easy road for Culkin. Being a child actor is not an easy thing, which is why most don’t fare well. Being in demand when you are young and then rejected as you grow, is not something that is easy for the ego to take. Growing up in a fishbowl forever alters a child actor’s childhood and life. For now, Culkin seems to be doing fine, tempering the fame and the judgement that comes with it. Taking chances and keeping his chin up, he is still one of the highest paid actors of all time.

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Is Macaulay Culkin Dead or Alive?

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