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Marc Jacobs Net Worth – The Fashion Genius

How much is Marc Jacobs Worth?

Marc Jacobs Net Worth

Marc Jacobs Net Worth is $100 Million (as of 2019)

Marc Jacobs net worth is estimated at $100 million. This man has built a brilliant career in fashion industry despite quite troubled childhood. His father died from ulcerative colitis when he was only seven and his mother went on dating and eventually marrying three different men which meant that Marc and his siblings could never feel stable. Later on he referred to his mother as mentally ill, not caring about her children.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$100 Million
Age:59 years old
Date of birth:April 9, 1963
Place of birth:New York City, New York, United States
Place of residence:Paris, France
Occupation:fashion designer
Last Updated:2023

Eventually Marc’s paternal grandmother opened her doors for him providing much needed stability and security. She has always encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming a designer and while studying in High School of Art and Design he was able to work as a stockboy in an upscale boutique Charivari at only 15 years old. His job was to fold clothes and dress mannequins, but he was also allowed to design his own sweaters whenever he had some free time.
While by no means Charivari was his final destination, working in that boutique gave him a taste of fashion world and of more things to come.

Marc Jacobs went on to receive formal education in art and design and by 1986 he designed his very first collection bearing Marc Jacobs label. In 1997 he became a creative director of Lois Vuitton, which was a great achievement as it allowed him to reach new heights and develop his own label. Unfortunately he didn’t cope with work challenges very well and there was a period of heavy drug and alcohol use but he eventually sought professional help and got back on track professionally.

In 2013 after being a creative director of Louis Vuitton house for 16 years Marc Jacobs announced that he is leaving Louis Vuitton to focus on his own label. While he was selling clothes under his own label for 25 years, the volume is still under $1 billion mark. Hopefully now that he will be focusing exclusively on Marc Jacobs label the volume will grow along with Marc Jacobs net worth.

Is Marc Jacobs Dead or Alive?

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