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Mark Cuban Net Worth – From Selling Garbage Bags to Multi Billionaire

How much is Mark Cuban Worth?

Mark Cuban Net Worth

Mark Cuban Net Worth is $4.1 Billion (as of 2019)

Who could imagine that Mark Cuban, now multi billionaire, had to sell garbage bags to collect money for expensive basketball shoes when he was a kid! Not to say that he grew up in poverty, but apparently his parents wanted to teach him the value of money or, at the very least, not everything was handed to him on a silver platter, that’s for sure. After his first taste of business at the tender age of 12, Mark held a number of different jobs while still attending school. He was a bartender, dance instructor and party promoter, salesperson… you name it.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$4.1 Billion
Age:64 years old
Date of birth:July 31, 1958
Place of birth:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Occupation:businessman, investor, owner of Dallas Mavericks and Landmark Theaters
Last Updated:2023

When we talked about P Diddy’s net worth we mentioned how he was fired, which led him to start his own business. Something similar happened to Mark Cuban as well. Your PC Software, the company where he worked, fired Mark for a decision he made and instead of looking for another job he simply started his own software company MicroSolutions. Now obviously, the fact that he already had experience selling software helped enormously. In addition, some of the previous customers he knew from his work in Your Business Software supported him, making his success much more likely. If you are an employee, it pays off to do your best and try to understand ins and outs of the business even if your job doesn’t require that. One day you might use this information and experience to open something of your own.

In 1990 Mark Cuban sold MicroSolutions for $6 million (remember, $6 million in 1990 wasn’t same as $6 today). How old was Mark back then? 32 years old – not bad for self-made multimillionaire, but that was only beginning!

Five years later Mark founded another successful company that was later acquired by Yahoo for $5.7 billion in Yahoo stock. Not all belonged to Mark, he had a business partner but it was a solid share anyway. There is one thing that makes Mark look especially good here – he was able to predict dot com crash and took steps to prevent the loss of his fortune before it actually happened.

Believe it or not, with astonishing net worth of $4.1 billion Mark Cuban is only number 222 on Forbes 400 list, a place that he shares with Neil Bluhm, Jack Dangermond, Dan Friedkin, Joshua Harris, Timothy Headington, J. Wayne Huizenga and six others. All these people have estimated net worth of $4.1 billion and they are actually somewhere closer to the middle of that list. Forbes 400 doesn’t mean there are only 400 people on that list. People with same net worth will share one spot, just like in case of Mark Cuban – spot number 222 is currently shared by 12 people.

Hopefully you found this inspiring and next time you drag going to work remember Mark Cuban. We will leave you with Mark himself telling you how he became a billionaire.

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Is Mark Cuban Dead or Alive?

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