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Nas Net Worth and His Entrepreneurial Spirit

How much is NAS Worth?

NAS Net Worth

NAS Net Worth is $70 Million (as of 2019)

Nas, a.k.a Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones sounds like royalty from a far off land, but he is one of the biggest rising stars on the American Rapper circuit. Born September 14, 1973, his fans adoringly refer to him simply as “Nasty Nas”. Not from a faraway land, he was born in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York, and has made a name for himself as a songwriter, actor, record producer and American rapper. Don’t mistake him as someone who doesn’t know the business world, he has an entrepreneurial spirit, owning his own label, magazine publishing under his belt, and is the owner of the Fila sneaker store. Serving as Mass Appeal Magazine’s associate publishers, he signed a contract with both Mass Appeal Records and Def Jan Recordings.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$70 Million
Age:49 years old
Date of birth:September 14, 1973
Place of birth:Queensbridge, Queens, New York, U.S.
Occupation:rapper, actor
Last Updated:2023

Nas has been into hip hop since before it was even hip hop. Beginning in the music scene as far back as 1990, he made a name as an up and coming rapper on the rise. Not just about the music, he donates a huge chunk of what he makes to charities that are active in Africa. His choice of careers was not by accident. He was born to a jazz and blues musician who immigrated the United States. Not big on following the rules of others, he dropped out of school after completion of his eighth grade year and insists taught himself everything that he needed to know.

Brushing up against stars by recording secretly in the same studio as famous as Rakim and Kool G. Rap, he finally got his big break in 1992 when he secured a manager and made a record deal. Throughout the next decade, he would put out mainstream music and have several brushes with fame. He consistently is accoladed by critics and fans alike. The thing that really made him a household name was the Feud waged between him and Jay-Z. Both were at each other constantly through their songs, making innuendoes about the other’s music, life and love life. Getting the public involved, it was a very engaging thing for the rap world.

What he hasn’t been able to do through his music rise to the pinnacle of fame, he has done through controversy. He can’t seem to get past one feud or incident before being involved in another. Being politically motivated and outspoken, he has no problem using whatever tactics, offense and over the top verbiage possible, to get his audience “riled up”. There is never a shortage of controversy that follows Nas, if he doesn’t create it, someone else does for him. There are some who would insist that his antics outside of music have made him more popular than the ones behind the microphone.

Mixed in with all those things that set off the public, he is involved in youth programs like P’Tones and is a champion to encourage young kids off the streets. In 2013, he opened a sneaker store called 12AM RUN and has been honored by Harvard University. On the flip side, he is a non-conformist, having the IRS put a lien on him for over $2.5 million dollars for unpaid taxes since 2006, he walks to his own beat. He is one of those celebrities that you either love or you love to hate. Provoking strong feelings on either side of the isle, he is hard to ignore, and likes it that way.

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Is NAS Dead or Alive?

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