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Nelly Net Worth

Nelly Net Worth is $60 Million (as of 2019)

Nelly is by no means new to the music scene. In an industry where stars shine bright and then fall hard, he has been able to make it through the decades and reinvent himself many times over the years. Born Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr. in 1974, he considers himself not just a musician but a singer, entrepreneur, songwriter, investor and actor. Although born in Austin, Texas, he grew up in St. Louis, Missouri under very humble circumstances. He is one of the few rap artists who were not only there at the beginning of hip hop, but continues to move and change with it. Crossing over sometimes to Rock and Country, he is an artist who has many faces and lots of talent.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$60 Million
Age:48 years old
Date of birth:November 2, 1974
Place of birth:Austin, Texas, United States
Occupation:singer (hip-hop, R.B., pop)
Last Updated:2023

Nelly may primarily be known for his musical merits, but he also starred alongside Adam Sandler in “The Longest Yard”. It isn’t just his talents that make him one of the richest men in the music industry; it is his ability to invest and make wise choices outside of the music industry. His net worth is reported to be more than $100 million dollars, and he is ranked the fourth best-selling rap artist in the history of American music.

Outside of the recording studio, Nelly signed a one-year deal to endorse the “Air Derrty” for Nike in 2003 and then signed a deal with Reebok later. He did ads for the Got Milk campaign, Ford Motors and Pimp Juice, which is an energy drink, one of the first in the industry released in 2003. He owns the company called Apple Bottoms that sells a female clothing line and Vokal, another line that caters to men. Branching out into the sports world, he is partial owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.

A gambler at heart, he had a play for the Poker championship world series in 2007, and the European PowerStars Tour and has even filled in as a broadcaster in his hometown. Keeping with the theme of sports and fitness, he plans to release a celebrity sweat DVD that goes through the moves he does to get the bod that he is famous for. He currently resides in Eureka. Paying a reported $1.4 million for the property alone, which is over 6 acres, it is a home that touts over 9000 square feet. Spare no amenities, it has a pool and a regulation size basketball court for him to play with his guests, or just to keep in shape.

Many thought that Nelly’s career may be short-lived and over in the 90s. It was no surprise to his fans when he was featured in a hit song that was a crossover between country and rock. Appealing to all audiences, he has never defined himself exclusively as a rapper. Making sound decisions not only with his career, but with his money, he has truly made it to the top. Coming from humble beginnings, he has made his parents, and his hometown proud. A rare talent, he can do it all, which has led to his infamy.

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