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Randy Moss Net Worth

Randy Moss Net Worth is $25 Million (as of 2019)

Randy Moss is now retired American football wide receiver with massive net worth of $25 million. Randy has excelled in everything that involved a ball since his early childhood. He was great at football, baseball and basketball. When he was 16 he received the title of West Virginia Basketball Player of the Year, but already next year 17 year old Randy Moss received both West Virginia Basketball Player of the Year and West Virginia Football Player of the Year.

Randy Moss' Salary: $6.5 Million

Quick facts

Net Worth:$25 Million
Age:45 years old
Date of birth:February 13, 1977
Place of birth:Rand, West Virginia
Occupation:retired football wide receiver, businessman
Last Updated:2023

It’s not unusual for celebrities to have problems with law and, unfortunately, Randy Moss is no exception. There has been some allegations regarding dating violence, drug use and traffic incidents. On the other hand, Randy also founded and financed many charitable events and organizations, particularly those that focus on helping children. When asked about his charitable projects he often says he does it just to see smiles.

Randy made some attempts into business but so far it doesn’t seem he was particularly successful. He opened several franchises of Inta Juice but the company eventually closed down. Similarly, Randy Moss Motorsports, an auto racing team in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series formed by Randy in 2008, was closed in 2012.

While this doesn’t look like a very positive picture, financial safety cushion provided by Randy Moss net worth of $25 million is certainly something he can rely on.

Randy Moss profile at NFL

Is Randy Moss Dead or Alive?

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