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Ray Romano Net Worth – Laughing All the Way to the Bank

How much is Ray Romano Worth?

Ray Romano Net Worth

Ray Romano Net Worth is $130 Million (as of 2019)

Apparently it pays well to make people laugh. If you are impressed by Ray Romano’s net worth of $130 million you should know that he is not the richest comedian by far. There are many more comedians way richer than him. To put things in perspective, Jerry Seinfeld is worth $950 million and Adam Sandler’s net worth is $420 million. There is a lot of other comedians on the list between Ray Romano and Jerry Seinfeld, who is on the top of the list and is technically a billionaire in making. Making people laugh looks even more profitable than playing football. David Beckham, the richest football player, is worth $330 million.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$130 Million
Age:65 years old
Date of birth:December 21, 1957
Place of birth:Queens, New York, U. S.
Occupation:comedian, actor, TV personality
Last Updated:2023

Now let’s look at Ray Romano and how he made his money. At the beginning of his life things seemed to be quite ordinary. It was mentioned that he was classmates with Fran Drescher, another comedian and producer, but there is no evidence that this had any effect on Ray Romano or the other way around. Fran Drescher did begin her career in entertainment and had some success way before we knew of Romano. While it would be logical to suggest that this had an effect on Romano, it still remains only a speculation. In any case, Ray Romano is generally seen much more successful than Fran. Her net worth is estimated to be at $25 million, while Ray’s latest figures show $130 million.

There is little mention of what Ray Romano did before getting into entertainment industry. It was mentioned that he met his wife while working at a bank and that he studied accountancy although he is is a college dropout. Some of you reading this may be relieved to know that he did not start early. In fact, he began his attempts to enter entertainment business only in 1989 when he was already 32 years old. Just like you don’t have to be born rich or have any special education to become rich, Ray Romano’s story proves you don’t have to be very young when you are just starting out, which is definitely inspiring.

It doesn’t seem that he had a lot of support from his parents either. One of his quotes is:

If my father hugged me even once, I’d be an accountant right now.

And another not less disturbing quote:

I was wracked with insecurity.

We will not jump to conclusions about Ray’s father, Albert Romano who died in 2010 but chances are that Ray got all the recognition and father’s approval he ever craved.

In 1989 Ray competed in Johnnie Walker Comedy Search and subsequently in Star Search. His career took off after that although not without some adversity, like being fired from his original role in NewsRadio. Similarly to Mark Cuban and Puff Daddy who were also fired at one point, it only lead to better and greater opportunities. Ray Romano was invited to David Letterman’s show which allowed him to build good relationships with CBS. Shortly after that he became a star of his own show called Everybody Loves Raymond. While Ray has impressive list to show when it comes to filmography, writing for comedy series and awards, this particular show is responsible for most of his impressive wealth. In 2004 he was announced to be the highest-paid actor in history.

Ray’s official website is here.

Is Ray Romano Dead or Alive?

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