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RiFF RAFF Net Worth and His Road to Stardom

How much is Riff Raff Worth?

Riff Raff   Net Worth

Riff Raff Net Worth is $6 Million (as of 2019)

Comparing to some of the rap and hip hop singers we covered earlier, RiFF RAFF net worth is not that impressive, however there are two things to keep in mind:

Quick facts

Net Worth:$6 Million
Age:40 years old
Date of birth:January 29, 1982
Place of birth:Houston, Texas, U.S.
Occupation: rapper
Last Updated:2023
  • First, RiFF RAFF is relatively new to the scene.
  • Second, he did it all alone without any previous experience and connections leveraging channels that are available literally to everyone – think social media.

While some artists were performing since their childhood or knew someone who knew someone, RiFF RAFF literally relied only on his talent and personality. He didn’t start too early either, in fact most of his energy was invested into playing basketball up until 2003. He began forming his new image as a rapper only in his early twenties while painting cars in Houston.

As a regular guy with no connections RiFF RAFF had basically two ways to promote himself and, hopefully, become noticed by someone who could make a difference:

  • social media sites like YouTube and MySpace,
  • auditions where he often failed.

Despite all setbacks RiFF RAFF continued to pave his way to stardom with patience and energy that is not often seen. Other than his music, he capitalized on differentiating himself by wearing distinctive type of clothes, unforgettable hairstyles and using a lot of bright neon colors. You may not have liked what he wore or how he looked, but one thing was for sure – it was hard to forget him. RiFF RAFF made a lot of effort to both sell his CDs and promote himself at local colleges and malls. Eventually partnerships were formed and RiFF RAFF finally took off as a rapper.

Is Riff Raff Dead or Alive?

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