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The Game Net Worth: The Complicated Life of Jayceon Taylor

How much is The Game Worth?

The Game Net Worth

The Game Net Worth is $22 Million (as of 2019)

Jayceon Terrell Taylor, aka “The Game”, was born November 29, 1979, in Las Angeles, CA. Not just an American rapper, he defines himself as an actor too. Following in the steps of the famous rap artist Dr. Dre, he has been labeled Dre’s protege. Trying to break into music, Game distributed his mixed compilations to anyone who would listen. When Dr. Dre heard it in 2003, he gave Game his big break, taking him under his wing, and helping him to release his debut album. It was met with huge enthusiasm. Known as the driving force of West Coast hip hop, he is in direct feud with the East coast hip hop fraction.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$22 Million
Age:43 years old
Date of birth:November 29, 1979
Place of birth:Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation:rapper and actor
Last Updated:2023

Growing up in Compton, the Game was no stranger to gangs and the streets. A member of the Bloods, he was born into the gang life. Having a very troubled past, he admitted on MTV that his father had molested his sisters and that he remembered watching his parents prepare for a drive-by shooting. A very dysfunctional family, the fact that he was able to overcome his origins, and is still alive to talk about his experiences, is a true inspiration to those looking to break away. Growing up around guns and drugs, his best friend was shot and killed at the age of 6 for his shoes and clothes.

Taken from his family at the age of 7 was the best thing that could have happened. Being able to think for himself was the thing that saved him. He said the thing, which changed his life, was a chance encounter with his hero rapper Eazy-E. One of his older brothers Jevon had just gotten a record deal, when he was shot dead outside of a gas station. The target was his father who he was standing next to. Moving back in with his mother from foster care, he attended Compton high school. After graduation, he quickly turned to all he knew, drugs, gangs and the streets. In 2001, when he opened the door for a regular drug deal, he was shot five times and almost died.

Aside from his musical career, he appeared on a dating television show. In 2004, he was cast in a minor role as the voice behind “B-Dup” in the Grand Theft video game. He was also in Waist Deep and is currently working on two more films. French also created his own line of shoes with the help of 310 Motoring, donating most of the profits to the victims of Katrina. A fitness buff, he released his own 60 Days of Fitness Challenge, creating and producing it with his brother.

His most accomplished business venture is his independent record label Blood Money Entertainment. His relationship life is just as complex as his upbringing. He starred in a reality show called Marrying The Game; the only problem was that there was never a marriage to result. Although being together for eight years, the wedding plans were not a reality. A list of legal issues too long to report, The Game is an example of how with even the worst of circumstances, you can still achieve greatness with a little talent, luck, and perseverance.

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