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Tiger Woods Net Worth – World’s Highest Paid Athlete

How much is Tiger Woods Worth?

Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods Net Worth is $800 Million (as of 2019)

Although we all know Tiger Woods more famously for his career in golf, it would appear that the grass-game is not the only pie the sportsman seems to have his finger in. Despite a major championship title drought, and a rather costly divorce following reported infidelities, it is still estimated that his earnings could be as much (and possibly over) $1.3 billion during his lifetime… Which is pretty impressive, right?

Tiger Woods' Salary: $50 Million Per Year

Quick facts

Net Worth:$800 Million
Age:47 years old
Date of birth:December 30, 1975
Place of birth:Cypress, California, U. S.
Last Updated:2023

Last year in 2013, it was rumored that Tiger earned himself a whopping $83 million from various sponsors, golfing tournaments and more. Just a few names that pop up when it comes to his various endorsement deals, and some of the more luxurious brands include:

  • Upper Deck
  • Rolex
  • Nike Golf – he was first signed back in 1996 and has since built an entire golf division with the brand
  • PGA Tour Partner
  • EA Sports
  • TLX Laser Eye Centers
  • NetJets
  • Kowa – makers of pain medication, and featuring Tiger Woods in the ads
  • Fuse Science
  • Buick
  • American Express
  • General Mills
  • … and more!

At present, it is estimated that his net worth could exceed $800 million. Just to give you an idea of what or who this compares to, technically this makes him the second richest African-American, only marginally behind the hit TV Queen Oprah Winfrey! Despite the fact that he IS a sportsman, only twelve percent of his earnings are said to come from the sport alone – that’s just $155 million. Those endorsement deals he has/had certainly boosted his earnings…

Things haven’t been easy for Tiger because of “those” marriage reports, but it was Rolex that gave him back his earning potential, being the first major contract he signed after the news broke and threatened to demolish his career. During the problems, and the slump in his career, he lost a number of major sponsors, and just a few of the names include Gillette, Accenture and AT&T. The deal with Rolex surprised a lot of people depute the fact that before the reports, he was one of the most powerful sportsman endorsing various brands. It wasn’t the first time he had jumped on the brand’s bandwagon however – he was actually endorsing Rolex before he “jumped ships” when his “tastes changed” and ended up being the name behind another massive name in watches – Tag Heuer back in 2002. According to reports back then, the Tag Heuer deal was worth around two million dollars every year, but as yet, details of the Rolex deal haven’t been confirmed.

Of course, the brands and the sport isn’t the only thing raking in the money for this golfer. He apparently made around $10 million in fees for making appearances at various stops around the globe, from Malaysia to Turkey, China to Abu Dhabi, and everywhere else in between.

When you add to this the gold course design business he had finally gotten of the ground after a number of major problems and “blow-up’s”, you can see how he’s raking up his millions… or billions as it would seem. Six courses have been completed by the design company so far, including Texas, Mexico, Dubai, North Carolina, and more. It doesn’t appear that Tiger Woods is showing any signs of slowing down at any point soon either.

Is Tiger Woods Dead or Alive?

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