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Tyga Net Worth: No Stranger to Controversy

How much is Tyga Worth?

Tyga Net Worth

Tyga Net Worth is $3 Million (as of 2019)

Tyga, aka Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, was born on November 19, 1989, in Compton California. A rising star on the rapper circuit, those he is now features with, are those that he grew up listening to. It was as simple as running into Travie McCoy one day at a Trainer Store and offering him one of his self-composed mixed tape. From there, his talent has taken him all the way to the top. Talent is what is catapulting him to greatness, but having such a huge break of luck certainly changed his life for the better.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$3 Million
Age:33 years old
Date of birth:November 19, 1989
Place of birth:Compton, California, United States
Last Updated:2023

Causing controversy with his conflicting accounts of childhood, it is unclear about what his background truly is, or what type of upbringing he comes from. The child of a single mother, he has changed his story from being in a low socio-economic status to being in a well-to-do. Some believe that his story of living in luxury is just satirical, but there is really no way to confirm which story holds true. Not many know where he came from, spare his chance encounter with his now friend Travie McCoy.

Tyga has had an on again, off again, relationship with the mother of his child, Blac Chyna, who is famous in her own right. Being famous as a model/stripper, the two make quite a pair. Their first son was born in October, 2012, King Cairo Stevenson. After becoming a father, he purchased a mansion to the tune of $6.5 million dollars in the Calabasas, California area. Tyga and Blac are off again currently, and there are rumors that he is in a relationship with Kylie Jenner.

He is no stranger to controversy, or being the one who is creating it. In 2012, he was sued for something that shouldn’t be even mentioned on this site. He has also been in trouble for other suspected bad behavior such as fraud, invasion of privacy and sexual battery. Adding to the list of things that has gotten him in trouble are allegations that he borrowed priceless jewelry from a jeweler and never returned it.

Like many rappers, it isn’t just about the music, it is the “feuds” that really get fans jazzed up. He is said to have animosity with the likes of Young Money Entertainment, Drake and Niki Minaj. If making a name in the rap industry is related to the many times you can get yourself on the news, then he is priming himself for the number one spot. He is all about fast money and fast cars. His list of cars includes an Audi and a wrecked Lamborghini. Apparently, expense is of no concern. Tyga’s fans like him no matter where he comes from. The one thing, that is for sure, is that he is headed two places. One is up to the top with his talents, but that is only if he can avoid the other, trouble.

Is Tyga Dead or Alive?

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